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Description of the action

ClimManiMany climate change manipulation experiments have been carried out in recent decades. However, several challenges still exist or have emerged which limit our understanding of ecosystem functioning under future climate change. These include inadequate representation of biomes, artifacts, incomparable experiments, poor representation of relevant scenarios, in particular extreme events, lack of research communication sharing of results and lack of good data for modeling.

Manipulation experiments – current research

European research groups have contributed significantly to advance the science as well as the experimental finesse within climate change impacts research over the past two decades through national or EU supported research projects. However, the global dimension of climate change as well as the highly complex and multi-facetted aspect of both drivers and responses requires investigations, data and modelling to be coordinated at an international/global level (Lou et al., 2011). Solving the abovementioned limitations in climate change experimentation requires significant attention and a joint effort of the scientific community with close collaboration and coordination between experiments and between experimentalists and modellers as well as through better communication and sharing of experiences and data.

This Action will provide a strong framework for such an effort bringing together experiences from the specific climate change as well as research communities in order to develop new guidelines and conceptual frameworks, educating a new generation of climate change experimentalists and modellers and linking significant European research with corresponding research globally.

Benefits to the scientific community

The Action will aim at scientific/technological advancement and will provide immediate benefits to the scientific community by:

  • continuing and strengthening a significant network of climate change experiments across Europe
  • providing close interaction between experimentalists and modellers
  • providing training and education of the next generation of researchers in climate change experiments
  • identifying gaps in knowledge and guiding future research, particularly related to extreme events
  • providing a strong collaborative counterpart to global research networks such as INTERFACE in US.


In the longer run, future benefits of the Action will be:

  • guidelines for climate change experiments
  • coordinated meta database for climate change research
  • strengthened international collaboration
  • significant inputs to EU ESFRI infrastructures in the area.

ClimMani - Added value

ClimMani will provide added value to European climate change research by linking high level national research groups and projects to a supra-national level and provide strong links and interactions with the global research community.

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