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ClimMani Exchange visits

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Vladimir Corbic 14 Surface   fuels after haversting in beech  and   oak stands in Serbia and modeling forest fire behaviour University   of Novi Sad Report
Cesar Terre-Moreno 12 A   standarized metric for soil nutrien availability University of Antwerp Report
Gesche Blume-Werry 11 The   dissimilar effect of long- and short-term frost manipulations on plant   communities above and belowground Geifswald University Report
Hans De Boeck 14 Greenhouse   gas fluxes from soils: impacts of winter-time warming Agricultural   University of Iceland Report
Krassimira Ilieva-Makulec 4 Response   of soil fauna to natural soil warming gradient Department   of Bioscience Aarhus University Report
Klaus Steenberg Larsen 4 Emerging   challenges in climate change experiments: mking the best use of constrained   number of experimental units.  Geifswald University Report
Luke Blauw 14 Effect   of vertical carbon layer nd plant trat interactions on ecosystem flammability University   of Aberdeen Report
Małgorzata  Zielińska 12 How   drought and warming affects Sphagnum peatland vegetation, carbon stock and decomposition of organic   matter EPFL   Lausanne Report
Marcin Stróżecki 13 Pulse-chase   labeling as a tool for carbon exchange assessment on a climate manipulated   wetland Norwegian   Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research BIOFORSK Report
Srdjan Stojnic 18 Impact   of air eleveated CO2 concentration on grotwth of European beech and Norway   spruce trees. Mendel Univesrity,   Brno Report
Daijun Liu 26 Data   analysis and modeling of long-term experimental warming and drought effects   on plant community Institute   of Evolutionand Ecology in the Univ. Tubingen Report
Mir Hadi Madani 14 Climate   impact changes on hudrology and Carbon  Unversity   of Copenhagen Report
Milena Stankovic 33 Oxidative   stress adaptability in Pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.) half-sib lines University   of Novi Sad
    Institute of Lowland Forestry and Environment
Perez Ferrandiz 11 Vegetation   vulnerability to recurrent wildfires and changes in rainfall patterns Swiss   Federal Research Institute WSL Report
Steven Dauwe 5 The   effect of warmer temperature and higher N on mycorrhizal hyphal growth Lund   University Report
Karmen Babic 8 School   of GeoSciences University of   Edinburgh Report
Gudrun Zecha 8 School   of GeoSciences University of   Edinburgh Report
Raili Hansen 8 School   of GeoSciences University of   Edinburgh Report
Kuno Kasak 8 School   of GeoSciences University of   Edinburgh Report
Arezoo Taghizadeh Toosi 8 School   of GeoSciences University of   Edinburgh Report
Kamal Zurba 8 School   of GeoSciences University of   Edinburgh Report
María Almagro Bonmatí 8 School   of GeoSciences University of   Edinburgh Report
Femke Lutz 8 School   of GeoSciences University of   Edinburgh Report
Alena Dekhtyareva 8 School   of GeoSciences University of   Edinburgh Report
Mateusz Samson 8 School   of GeoSciences University of   Edinburgh Report
Sara Vicca 15 A   standardized metric of nutrient availability University of   Innsbruck Report
Jesper Riis Christiansen 5 Using   SkyGas to quantify interactive effects of carbon and nitrogen supply on CO2,   CH4 and N2O fluxes University of York Report
Ika Djukic 7 Global   litter decoposition study in Alpine ecosystems Tel   Aviv University Report
Nermina  Saronjic 12 Influence   of the extreme weather conditions on soil microbial communities Ernst-Moritz-Arndt   University, Greifswald Report
Sylvain Monteux 14 Effects   of microorganisms, soil fauna and plant roots on thawing permafrost microbial   communities University   of Antwerp Report
Benjamin Stocker 10 Modelling   variations in biomass production efficiency University   of Antwerp Report
Marcelo Sternberg 4 Experiments   design by Nature - pros and cons of climatic gradients studies for global   change WSL   Swiss Federal Reasearch Institute  Report
Keane James 15 SkyLine:   automated GHG flux measurements under a forest canopy at Skogaryd Research   Catchment University   of York Report
Adam Krajewski 22 Analysis   of long-term trends in heavy rainfalls and peak discharges in small lowland   catchment University   of Brescia Report
Mark  Bilton  12 Describing   the extent of species compostion chnage in large-scale transplant experiment   in norway using Climatic Nich Groups University   of Bergen Report
Bilton Mark 7 Short-term   versus long-term effects of climate manipulation experiments University   of Gothenburg Report
Lei  Liu 10 Impact   of fertilization and drought on soil microbial community structure in   Tropical and  Mediterranean ecosystems Lund   University Report
Maria Oliveira 10 Niche   studies on Diplotaxis tenuifolia (L.) DC University   of Malta Report
Sussana Pollastri 24 Using   Atomic Force Microscopy to study the differences between thylakoid membranes   of isoprene emitting and non-emitting plants submitted to field experimental   warming  Universitat   Autonoma de Barcelona Report
Martin Maddison 9 Measurements   of N2 emission from soil along natural warming gradient in FORHOT  experimental plots using the   gas-flow-soil-core technique Agricultural   University of Iceland Report
Milena Stankovic 29 Oxidative   stress adaptability in Wild cherry (Prunus avium L.) half-sib lines Institute   of Lowland Forestry and Environment, Novi Sad Report
Sara Vicca 24 A   standardized metric of nutrient availability Swedish   university of Agricultural Sciences, Umea Report
Martine   J.  van der Ploeg 11 Alternative   stable states of soil moisture in heterogeneous systems Wageningen   University Report
Mark  Bilton  11 Describing   species composition shifts in a long-term rainfall and warming experiment in   Wales using Climatic Niche Groups  University   of Tübingen Report
Luke Blauw 6 Investigating   the indirect effect of climates change on fire regimes at a range of fire   experiment scales: from laboratory to field studies  Faculty   of Earth and Life Sciences Report
Héctor  García Gómez 14 Modelling   C sequestration of holm oak forests in a context of climate change and   nitrogen deposition CIEMAT Report
Guillaume  Marie 18 Improve   the capability of ORCHIDEE-CAN to simulate abrupt mortality from storms,   fires, drought, and pests and their biogeochemical and biophysical effects Swiss   Federal Institute for Forest Report
Pall Sigurdsson 5 Forest   growth modelling along soil warming gradient  LBHÍ Report
Stefan Stjepanovic 34 Reaction   of European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) on climate changes in Bosnia and   Herzegovina Faculty   of Agriculture, Department of Forestry,    Vlasenica, Vlasenica East Sarajevo Report
Dejan Stojanovic 7 Improvement   of Potential Distribution Models for Forest Tree Species in Serbia Institute   of Lowland Forestry and Environment, University of Novi Sad Report
Nia Perron 5 Joint   Ecosystem Assessment on the Effect of Natural Soil Warming on Subarctic   Grasslands and Forests University   of Iceland Report
Monika  Reczuga 22 Response   of micro-eukaryotes to changing climate in wetlands – field scale   manipulation Faculty   of Geographical and Geological Sciences, Adam Mickiewicz Univ Report
Sabina Reinsch 8 A   cross-site analysis of Net Ecosystem Exchange and its components (gross   primary production and ecosystem respiration) across European Shrublands   under climate change Centre   for Ecology and Hydrology, Bangor (UK) Report
Joanna Okeefe 7 Index   based analysis of climate change impact on crops Warsaw   University of Life Sciences Report
Stefano Ferraris 5 Carbon   and soil/litter moisture relationships University   of Innsbruck Report
Jose Grunzweig 6 New   emerging drivers of carbon and nutrient cycles in a drier and warmer world -   using extreme environments to infer future conditions in humid climates The   Hebrew University of Jerusalem Report

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