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28 September 2015

ClimMani 2nd annual meeting 2015

Nutrients in terrestrial ecosystems and their role in climate change feedbacks

The meeting will be held 28-30 September 2015
Poznan University of Life Sciences, Poznan, Poland

Scientific content

Nutrients are key determinants of many processes in, and characteristics of terrestrial ecosystems; nutrient availability influences the structure of ecosystems as well as many processes at different ecosystem levels (e.g. plant growth, plant and microbial diversity, plantsoil interactions). Moreover, nutrients mediate ecosystem responses to climate change. For example, the influence of elevated atmospheric CO2 concentrations on plant growth and other ecosystem processes depends on nutrient availability, while positive warming effects on plant growth can be intensified by enhanced nutrient availability following increases in mineralization rates. Hence, if we are to understand and to reliably predict how terrestrial ecosystems respond to climate change, nutrient availability needs to be taken into account.

The meeting will be devoted to the central role of nutrients in terrestrial ecosystems, and to their mediating influence on ecosystem responses to climate change. Among others, we welcome contributions from

  • fertilization studies demonstrating important changes in the ecosystem when nutrient availability changes;
  • experiments showing the important role of nutrients as mediators of climate change impacts (e.g. multifactorial experiments with a fertilizer treatment, but also other experiments where for instance nutrient availability changes in response to warming and then modulates the ecosystem response to warming);
  • studies on spatial variation (small- or large-scale gradients), that contribute to our understanding on the important role of nutrients in ecosystems and their response to climate change;
  • theoretical as well as land surface modeling studies indicating the state-of-the art of the representation of nutrients in these models as well as the model needs in terms of data and process understanding.


Researchers who want to participate in the meeting must be from one of the ClimMani supporting countries and must present an oral or a poster presentation. ClimMani specifically encourages participation of young scientists.

ClimMani will cover travel (full cost or flat rate), meal (flat rate) and accommodation (flat rate) expenses for invited speakers and MC members and for selected applicants.
All participants need to fill in the survey monkey An official invitation will be send after selection (up to 60 participants can be invited).

MC meeting

The second morning session of 30 September will be devoted to the MC meeting for ClimMani MC to decide on key activities and work plans for 2015-2016.

Field trip

A trip to the experimental peatland site in Rzecin (ca. 60 km from Poznan), which is operated by our hosts, is organized on Monday morning.

Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM)

The meeting provides a perfect opportunity to interact and discuss potential short term scientific missions. A call for STSM’s will be opened shortly after the meeting.

Information about program, schedule and logistics 

Program - 2nd annual ClimMani meeting in Poznan
Schedule - 2nd annual ClimMani meeting in Poznan
Information about logistics - 2nd annual ClimMani meeting in Poznan

Hosted by University of Copenhagen