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Working group 1

Frameworks and best practice guidance for future climate change manipulation experiments.

The objective of WG1 is to review the “state of the art” in climate change experiments, summarise key findings, identify “best practice” principles and produce guidelines for the use of experiments to explore the mechanistic understanding of climate change drivers and their impacts.

A special subtask will be devoted to extreme events and how this particularly challenging issue can be addressed in future experiments conceptually as well as technically. The understanding of impacts of extreme events will require a new conceptual framework and new experimental approaches in order to identify key issues like timing, amplitudes, thresholds and tipping points, which have not be well addressed in the past. A network approach like COST will be particularly relevant for this type of development because no individual experiment will cover the issues alone.

Another subtask will be to analyse how multifactor impacts can be most efficiently addressed by experiments.

Finally subtasks will be devoted to integrate with the WG on gradients to explore the combination of experiments and gradients and integrate with the WGs on data and on modelling to consider the contribution of data and information to meta data bases and sharing of data for syntheses and modelling.

WG1 will organise annual topical workshops related to the overall task with at least one being devoted to extreme events and one devoted to multifactor approaches. In order to assure close integration of the issues of gradients, data and modelling, one workshop will be joint with WG2, one with WG3 and one with WG4.

WG1 will host at least one summer school at a site with relevant field scale experiments in order to address key issues of experimental design, scenarios, artifacts, response measurements and interactions with models.

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