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Working group 2

Climatic gradients as proxies for climatic experiments.

The objective of WG2 will be to review and analyse the use of natural gradients in climatic drivers and summarise experiences and key findings. Best practice principles will be identified and guidelines for the use of natural gradients to explore the mechanistic understanding of drivers and impacts will be produced.

A special subtask will be devoted to addressing how/if gradients can be used to address impacts of climate extremes.

Another subtask will be to analyse major limitations in the use of gradients, such as lack of coherent complementary site conditions (e.g. soils), multifactor issues and replication.

The WG will also collaborate with WG3 on data to consider better data sharing and meta data reporting from gradiental studies as well as with WG4 on the use of models to analyse and extrapolate the results. WG2 will organise annual topical workshops related to the overall task. At least one of these will be joint with WG1 and one will be joint with WG4. WG2 will host at least one summer school at a site representing a natural climatic gradient.

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