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Working group 3

Data syntheses, data sharing and meta data

The objective of WG3 will be to address the challenge of providing open information on experiments, gradients and modelling to facilitate sharing of data and results for general synthesis, meta analyses and modelling.

A specific subtask will be to create overview of ongoing and past experiments, their characteristics, response measurements and the data availability. This work will build on a combination of ongoing and/or pilot meta databases created within a previous ESF network and within the EU infrastructure projects.

Another subtask will be to identify the needs and most useful means to promote data sharing and identify current obstacles and needed promotions. Within this subtask, strategies for promotion of data sharing facilities based on databases or web or cloud based data sharing “hubs” (e.g. ENCORE) will be outlined and implemented.

WG3 will organise workshop for each of the three mentioned steps inviting relevant experimentalists and data managers from major national and European framework projects to discuss and propose solutions to data sharing issues. WG3 will further interact and engage in workshops from all other WGs to assure that the data sharing issue is an integrated part of the experimental and modelling discussions.

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