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Working group 4

Integrated ecosystem experimentation and modelling

The objective of WG4 will be to outline strategies to improve integration between ecosystem experiments and dynamic ecosystem modelling.

A subtask will analyse how well current ecosystem models can address climate extremes such as long-term droughts, heat waves, flooding or drought promoted fires and propose needed improvements. This will focus on both the short term immediate impacts of the extreme events as well as the long term recovery after such events.

A second subtask will focus on improved integration of experiments and modelling and propose best practice guidelines for such integration, underlined by examples.

WG4 will organise workshops related to both dimensions aiming to produce a position paper for each dimension. WG4 will further organise a summer school directed to integrating models and experiments along the full chain from design over experimentation and results to up scaling. WG4 will also offer training sites as part of the short term mission program.

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