ClimMani: Climate Change Manipulation Experiments in Terrestrial Ecosystems – Networking and Outreach – University of Copenhagen


The ClimMani COST action created a network for the experimental climate change research community. Experimentalists and modelers were brought together in order to provide solutions to current challenges in climate change experiments.

ClimMani focussed on Experimental best practice, use of gradients in experimentation, data sharing and syntheses and data-model interaction.

This web site provides access to the key outcomes. For more information please contact the chair, Professor Claus Beier, University of Copenhagen:


TeaCompositionGlobal litter decomposition initiative - ClimMani has entered a global initiative on litter decomposition to compare short and long term carbon dynamics across multiple sites and experiments.

Read More about this initiative or visit Web site

Bayreuth Phytometer Initiative

Our phytometer experiment creates a living reference unit for community ecology that indicates the relative influence of cross-site climate and soil conditions of emergent community properties. By using a standardized plant community and substrate alongside the same plant community planted in local soil, sites spanning environmental gradients gain a valuable common metric for disentangling vegetation drivers. This common metric is a biological indicator that naturally incorporates the many physical variables that influence vegetation.


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